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The Nuclear Security Project works with organizations around the world, building on the global momentum inspired by the Wall Street Journal op-eds by the four principals. Partners -- which include the organizations below as well as leadership networks -- play an important role in creating the political space for dialogue, education, and action on the vision and steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons, engaging elite audiences in an ongoing discussion about today's nuclear threats and increasing public awareness and understanding of the consequences of inaction.

NSP Project Partners focus on analytic studies related to the vision and steps, as well as encouraging dialogue in their regions:

Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS)
Publish policy papers in Arabic and English on emerging issues relating to nuclear security, nuclear power in the Middle East, and the impact of the Arab Spring on nuclear issues in the region. Host and organize workshops to coordinate experts from the region and develop an informal coalition of organizations devoted to security and nonproliferation issues.

Centre for Economic and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM)
EDAM is an independent think tank based in Istanbul, Turkey. As a partner of the NSP, EDAM will convene meetings and produce policy papers and briefs on Turkish perspectives relating to nuclear policy and nuclear threat reduction. EDAM will also launch a Turkish language web site dedicated to nuclear issues.

Iipcs logonstitute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS)
IPCS is an independent, nonpartisan institute based in New Delhi which conducts independent research on conventional and non-conventional security issues in the region and shares findings with policy makers and the public. As a partner of the NSP, IPCS organizes events in India and produces research.

Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA)
The Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA) is an independent organization that provides analysis on issues relating to international development, regional security and foreign policy. As a partner of the NSP, LIIA will host a working group to discuss European security and in particular, crisis management arrangements and mechanisms for dialogue with Russia.

NPSGlobal logoNPSGlobal 
NPSGlobal is a private institution based in Argentina, committed to promoting awareness of WMD threats. As a partner of the NSP, NPS Global produces research papers and hosts workshops with a special focus on the role of Latin America in promoting a world free of nuclear weapons. Press Release on NPSGlobal Partnership

The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)
The Polish Institute of International Affairs is an independent think-tank based in Warsaw, Poland. As a partner of the NSP, PISM convenes workshops and publishes reports on Central and Eastern European perspectives on reducing the role of nuclear weapons in European security, missile defense, and NATO-Russian relations.

Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS)
The Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) is a think tank based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which focuses on a broad range of issues pertaining to South Asia. As a partner of the NSP, the RCSS is facilitating workshops to engage young scholars from India, Pakistan, China, and the United States on strengthening nuclear disarmament and promoting nuclear security and stability in southern Asia.

rusi logoRoyal United Services Institute (RUSI)
RUSI is an independent think tank based in London and focused on defense and security matters. As a partner of the NSP, RUSI convenes events, produces analytic reports, and holds consultations on nuclear issues with officials, experts and opinion-makers in the United Kingdom.