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Less is Better: Nuclear Restraint at Low Numbers

November 27, 2012

Washington, DC

The Nuclear Security Project & The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

NTI President Joan Rohlfing delivered opening remarks at an event featuring RUSI’s Malcolm Chalmers on his new paper, Less is Better: Nuclear Restraint at Low Numbers, supported by the Nuclear Security Project.

"Less is Better provides us with ideas of how we can get to a world with fewer nuclear weapons but also challenges us to look ahead and consider a number of issues related to how states might achieve and maintain nuclear stability in a such a world," said Rohlfing. 

Chalmers discussed the steps that other nuclear-armed states would need to take to enable progress to low numbers, noting that as the US & Russia reduce their nuclear arsenals, other states will feel pressure to do more to reduce or restrain their own. Moderator James Acton called the paper “extraordinarily far-sighted.”

Said Rohfling: "At a time when bilateral momentum between the U.S. and Russia appears to have stalled, identifying steps and sequencing, as Malcolm has done, to eventually limit the size and capabilities of all nuclear armed states can help reinvigorate progress toward substantial reductions and move us closer to a nuclear weapons free world."