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London Deterrence Conference Expands Dialogue

May 20, 2011

London, England

European Leadership Network, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Hoover Institution

NTI, the Hoover Institution, and the European Leadership Network co-hosted an international conference, Deterrence: Its Past and Future, in London. The two-day conference, in May, included George Shultz, Bill Perry, Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn and former senior officials and subject matter experts from around the world.



Panel Remarks
Panel One – What are the existing and emerging threats to international security viewed from the perspective of various countries/regions?
Panel Two – What is the role of nuclear and non-nuclear-based deterrence as a means of prevention in the current and future threat environment?
Panel Three – What are the key issues and near-term practical steps necessary to assist in moving now toward a safer and more stable form of deterrence with decreasing nuclear risks and an increasing measure of assured security for all nations?