Disarming Doubt Report Launch

April 19, 2012

Canberra, Australia

The Lowy Institute

On April 19, a new report was released by the Lowy Institute in partnership with the Japan Institute of International Affairs. Disarming Doubt: The Future of Extended Nuclear Deterrence in East Asia provides a window into the debates about security, disarmament and extended deterrence in Japan, South Korea and Australia. The panel discussion at the launch can be heard here.

Award-Winning London Theatre Screens Nuclear Tipping Point

March 23, 2012

London, United Kingdom

London's Tricycle Theatre will host a screening of "Nuclear Tipping Point" on Friday, March 23.

Polish Institute of International Affairs Hosts Rose Gottemoeller

February 29, 2012

Warsaw, Poland

Polish Institute of International Affairs

On 29 February 2012 the Polish Institute of International Affairs hosted Rose Gottemoeller, Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security (U.S. Department of State), who delivered a lecture entitled “European Security and the Next Steps in Arms Control”.

Nuclear Chessboard: 2012

February 23, 2012

San Francisco, CA

Commonwealth Club of California

The Commonwealth Club of California hosted former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Defense Secretary William Perry and Senator Nunn for a discussion of international security, nuclear threats, Iran’s drive to build a bomb, the North Korean nuclear weapons program and future prospects for limiting the spread of nuclear materials and eventually eliminating nuclear weapons.

London Deterrence Conference Expands Dialogue

May 20, 2011

London, England

European Leadership Network, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Hoover Institution

NTI, the Hoover Institution, and the European Leadership Network co-hosted an international conference, Deterrence: Its Past and Future, in London. The two-day conference, in May, included George Shultz, Bill Perry, Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn and former senior officials and subject matter experts from around the world.