Leadership Networks

The Nuclear Security Project has helped develop networks of leaders in countries and regions worldwide. These networks help create the political space for dialogue, education and action on the vision and steps toward a world without nuclear weapons. To date, nearly 200 senior political, military, diplomatic and scientific leaders from across Europe, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America have joined these networks, engaging wide-ranging audiences in an ongoing discussion about today's nuclear threats and increasing public awareness and understanding of the consequences of inaction.

Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)
The Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN) includes more than 30 political, military and diplomatic leaders from fourteen countries across the region, including, China, India and Pakistan. The objective of the group, convened by former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, is to inform and energize public opinion and high-level policymakers, to take seriously the very real threats posed by nuclear weapons, and do everything possible to achieve a world in which they are contained, diminished and ultimately eliminated.

European Leadership Network (ELN)
The European Leadership Network (ELN) includes more than 100 political, military and diplomatic leaders from across Europe. The objective of the group, convened by former UK Defense Minister Lord Des Browne, is to advance education and promote greater understanding of international defense and security issues, with a special emphasis on Europe's role and responsibilities relating to multilateral nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation, and nuclear security. The ELN carries out its work by producing and disseminating independent research and analysis, and by providing an independent platform for international dialogue and debate on such issues.

Latin American Leadership Network (LALN)
The Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network (LALN) includes 14 senior political, military, and diplomatic leaders across Latin America and the Caribbean working to promote constructive engagement on disarmament, nonproliferation and reduction of threats derived from nuclear terrorism, as well as to create an enhanced security environment to help reduce global nuclear risks. The LALN is led by Irma Arguello, founder and chair of Argentina-based NPSGlobal.

Nuclear Security Leadership Council (NSLC)
The Nuclear Security Leadership Council (NSLC), in development, is based in the United States and brings together 21 influential leaders with diverse background from across North America. Led by interim co-chairs former Ambassador Brooke Anderson and Admiral Gary Roughead (USN-Ret), the NSLC will work to stimulate a regional debate on the current nuclear landscape and to establish greater interest in and expertise on the nuclear threat among U.S. policy makers and political leaders.

Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians
The Top Level Group (TLG) includes more than 20 senior UK parliamentarians from all three major UK political parties who share the belief that multilateral nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and nuclear security are critical global issues that ought to be addressed, as a priority, by governments worldwide. Convened by former UK Defense Minister Lord Des Browne, the TLG consists of almost all of the former senior ministers of foreign affairs and defense over the last two decades and includes former chiefs of defense who served during the same period.

In addition, the Project has a series of partners worldwide who focus on analytic studies and other activities related to the vision and steps.