High Global Stakes for Iran Nuclear Talks

Canberra, Australia - In a new policy brief published jointly by the Asia Pacific Leadership Network and the Centre for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies argues that much is at stake for the world in the Iran nuclear talks. If Iran goes nuclear, he writes, weapons could be transferred to others, including terrorists; a proliferation cascade and "adventurism" could result; and a nuclear war will become more likely. (May 2014)

Statement Released by ELN Outlines Steps for 2015 NPT Review Conference


London, England – In a statement released by the European Leadership Network, 50 European politicians, military figures and diplomats call for greater efforts to strengthen the global nuclear non-proliferation regime and outline proposals in advance of the 2015 review conference. Among them: Russia, the US and the UK should issue a joint statement with the UN Secretary-General confirming they will work toward a conference on a WMD Free Zone in the Middle East. (May 1, 2014)

The West and Russia: Charting (un)known Waters?


Riga, Latvia - Watch ELN Director, Dr. Ian Kearns speak alongside Andris Sprūds, Sergey Utkin, Sławomir Dębski and Samuel Charap on the current crisis between the West and Russia over Ukraine. This event followed a private seminar convened by the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, in cooperation with the NSP and ELN, examining the current crisis in Ukraine and security of the broader Baltic Sea region. (April 29, 2014)

Catholic Bishops, Universities Renew Engagement on Disarmament


Stanford, Calif. - Launching a project to engage a new generation of Catholics, Catholic bishops joined policy specialists at Stanford University for a Colloquium on Revitalizing Catholic Engagement on Nuclear Disarmament. The event, hosted by NSP principals George P. Shultz and Bill Perry, focused on the church’s commitment to ridding the world of nuclear weapons. “This is a security question, it’s a policy questions, it’s a diplomacy question—but above all, it’s a moral question,” said NSP principal Sam Nunn. (April 24-25, 2014) 

CTBT Group of Eminent Persons Meets in Stockholm


Stockholm, Sweden – NSP Principal William Perry and ELN Convener and NTI Vice Chairman Des Browne met with senior current and former leaders and experts from the ELN, the APLN, the LALN and the Arab Institute for Security Studies. The meeting was to promote the entry into force of the CTBT and reinvigorate international efforts to achieve this goal. The meeting was hosted by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. (April 11, 2014)