ELN Commentary: The Iran Talks: Saviour of President Obama's Prague Vision?


London, England – The European Leadership Network’s Lukasz Kulesa, head of Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, assesses recent developments on the Prague agenda in an op-ed titled, “The Iran Talks: Saviour of President Obama's Prague Vision?” Kulesa argues that given the obstacles elsewhere, namely in Ukraine, Iran may prove pivotal to President Obama's nuclear legacy. (April 7, 2014)


ELN Commentary: Obama’s Prague Vision Revisited by RUSI Research Director


 London, England – In an op-ed entitled “Obama's Prague Vision on Hold,” Malcolm Chalmers, research director at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), offers insight to the limited progress President Obama can expect on the nuclear agenda in his own lifetime. Chambers outlines possible recommendations for countries to “usefully contribute to keeping the battered NPT process on the road.” (April 7, 2014)

Euro-Atlantic Mutual Security in the Wake of the Crisis in Ukraine

Minneapolis, Minnesota – In a recent Minneapolis Star Tribune op-ed entitled “History Need Not a Cold War Rematch,” NTI National Security Consultant Steve Andreasen and the ELN's Stela Petrova highlight the need to build mutual security in the Euro-Atlantic region in the wake of Ukraine: “We are all paying the price for running Euro-Atlantic security policy on bureaucratic autopilot — unwise in a region that includes six of the world’s 10 largest economies, four of the five declared nuclear-weapon states and more than 90 percent of global nuclear inventories,” they write. (April 4, 2014)

RUSI Highlights Implications of US Weapons Program on UK Nuclear Modernization


 London, England – The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) released a paper titled, “The Bang Behind the Buck: Replacing the UK’s Nuclear Warheads,” suggesting that the future of the UK’s warhead program is dictated more by external factors, namely the US warhead program, than by imperfect predictions of reliability. The paper outlines the composition and status of the UK nuclear arsenal and describes how it might ultimately be replaced or renewed. (March 2014)

Shultz and Nunn: Let's Not Reignite the Cold War

Writing in the Washington Post, NSP principals George Shultz and Sam Nunn address how to deal with Russia in the crisis over Ukraine. "Although current circumstances make it difficult, we should not lose sight of areas of common interest where cooperation remains crucial to the security of Russia, Europe and the United States," they write. "This includes securing nuclear materials…and preventing catastrophic terrorism, as well as destroying Syrian chemical stockpiles and preventing nuclear proliferation by Iran and others." (March 28, 2014)