NATO Defence and Deterrence Posture: Central and Eastern European Perspectives

Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM) analyst Jacek Durkalec discusses the approach of Central and Eastern Europeans to NATO defense and deterrence capabilities.

APLN Convener Publishes Op-Ed in Project Syndicate

Asia Pacific Leadership Network convener Gareth Evans, former foreign minister in Australia, argues for a "cool and measured" response to nuclear provocations from Iran and North Korea in an op-ed in Project Syndicate.

ELN Presents Euro-Atlantic Perspectives on NATO's Recent Chicago Summit

The European Leadership Network, an NSP partner, sponsored a NATO Summit Forum, featuring a range of personal views from across the Euro-Atlantic sphere from former ministers, current and serving officials, as well as leading thinkers in the run-up to the NATO Chicago Summit, focusing on what a successful summit outcome may look like.


Award-Winning London Theatre Screens Nuclear Tipping Point

In London, Nuclear Tipping Point was shown on March 23 as part of a three-month series on nuclear issues at the award-winning Tricycle Theatre. "The Tricycle Goes Nuclear" included plays, a film festival, a concert, a lecture, discussion groups and more. As part of the series, NTI board member, Baroness Shirley Williams participated in a panel discussion with other members of the Top Level Group, an NTI partner, on The Trident Debate on March 26.

New Partner in China

China Arms Control and Disarmament Association (CACDA) is a nongovernmental organization based in Beijing, China. As a partner of the NSP, CACDA will convene conferences and produce reports on Chinese nuclear energy development and its implications for nonproliferation objectives and the role of nuclear weapons and minimum deterrence, among other topics. CACDA will also work with the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network (APLN).