Debate on Nuclear Deterrence

broken umbrella

NSP partner the Lowy Institute in Australia has launched an online global debate on extended nuclear deterrence. For decades, the US has made the seemingly credible threat that it would use nuclear weapons to protect its allies against large-scale aggression — the so-called "nuclear umbrella." But how viable is such a strategy in a changing nuclear order and an altered strategic environment? And are there feasible alternatives?
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New Report Discusses Potential Reduction of the Role of Nuclear Weapons in NATO Policy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new report, released as NATO prepares for a November summit, argues that it is possible to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in NATO security policy and improve NATO security without threatening either Alliance cohesion or strategic stability. The paper recommends seven propositions around which the Alliance could forge a new consensus.

New Book Outlines Technical and Political Challenges, Cites Optimism for Working Toward a World Without Nuclear Weapons

Edited by NTI Vice President Corey Hinderstein, this new book explores verification, monitoring and enforcement in a world without nuclear weapons.

Statement by George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger, and Sam Nunn on START Follow-On Treaty

“The governments of Russia and the United States have recently concluded the talks started last year. We congratulate them on this important achievement.”

Lowy Institute for International Policy to Work in Partnership with NTI's Nuclear Security Project

Australia’s Lowy Institute becomes a Project partner.