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From Mutual Assured Destruction to Mutual Security

From Mutual Assured Destruction to Mutual Security

In a new report – Building Mutual Security in the Euro-Atlantic Region – Former U.K. Secretary of Defense Des Browne, Munich Security Conference chairman and former German Deputy Foreign Minister Wolfgang Ischinger, former Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Igor Ivanov and former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn call for a comprehensive dialogue between the United States, Europe and Russia as part of a process that includes specific steps to move the region from mutual assured destruction to mutual security.   

Warning that the region's security policies are dangerously out-of-date, potentially destabilizing and costly, more than 30 top military, political and security experts from Europe, Russia and the United States who worked on the report developed specific recommendations for moving out from under the persistent Cold War shadow of mutual assured destruction to mutual security.

The report calls on today's leaders to move decisively and permanently toward a new security strategy through a politically mandated dialogue and an integrated approach to the full range of security issues. The authors offer specific steps and phasing recommendations for six key areas, including nuclear forces, missile defenses, prompt-strike forces, conventional forces, cybersecurity and space.

The full report and the Co-Chairs' Summary are available in both English and Russian at Read the related op-ed in The International Herald Tribune as well as coverage from the Associated Press and ITAR-TASS.