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August 2015 Edition NSP News

"The imperative of stopping proliferation of nuclear weapons and strengthening the non-proliferation regime has been at the core of the Iran crisis. In our assessment, the agreement fulfills this goal."
European Leadership Network statement


More than 70 high-level European political, diplomatic and military leaders welcomed the Iran agreement as representing “a high-water mark for multilateral diplomacy” and called for its implementation by the U.S. Congress, EU countries and Iran.

“We believe that this agreement provides a sound framework for ending the crisis over the Iranian nuclear program and a foundation for re-integrating Iran into the international community,” the statement says. “At the same time, the adoption of the document is just a first step in a process which must increase the level of the security of all countries in the Middle East, Europe and beyond.”

Key signatories include Des Browne (Chair of the ELN, Vice Chairman of NTI, former UK Defense Secretary), George Robertson (former Secretary General of NATO and former UK Defense Secretary), Malcolm Rifkind (former UK Foreign Secretary), Michel Rocard (former French Prime Minister), Igor Yurgens (Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute for Contemporary Development, Russia), Vyacheslav Trubnikov (former Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence), Wolfgang Ischinger (Chairman of the Munich Security Conference), Volker Rϋhe (former German Defence Minister), Japp de Hoop Scheffer (former NATO Secretary General), and Rolf Ekeus (former Director of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq).

Read the statement.

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