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July 2012 Edition NSP News

"International governance in nuclear security remains weak compared with the disciplines of safeguards and nuclear safety. It is essential to achieve the right balance between national sovereignty and the international interest. The Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents demonstrated that an accident anywhere is an accident everywhere."
Asia Pacific Leadership Network


Members of the Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN) issued major statements on nuclear security and transparency, calling on governments in the region, and worldwide, to strengthen their commitment to nuclear security and take steps to build global confidence and trust.

Other Updates


To the Brink and Back with Iran

Gareth Evans
June 27, 2012
Project Syndicate


Nuclear Deterrence in a Changed World

Sidney D. Drell and James E. Goodby
June 12, 2012
Arms Control Today


A Safer Nuclear Enterprise

Sidney Drell, George P. Shultz, Steven P. Andreasen
June 14, 2012
Science (Note: subscription only for full text)


Russia and the Dilemmas of Disarmament

Alexei Arbatov, Vladimir Dvorkin and Sergey Oznobishchev
June 1, 2012
Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO)


Implications of the NATO Chicago Summit

June 11, 2012
Polish Institute of International Affairs and the European Leadership Network (ELN)


Statement by Sam Nunn on NATO's Deterrence and Defense Posture Review

May 21, 2012
Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)