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Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network Launched

Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network Launched

More than a dozen high-level former government officials, including former foreign and defense ministers, from across Latin America and the Caribbean have formed a new leadership network to promote policies aimed at reducing nuclear risks and advancing efforts towards the elimination of nuclear weapons worldwide.

"Governments and the public in our region tend to see these threats as very far from their realities," said Irma Argüello, President of NPSGlobal Foundation, who will lead the network from Buenos Aires. "But the truth is that any nuclear incident is global in nature, no matter where it occurred. We would not escape the international chaos, and therefore, we would experience the catastrophic political, economic and social impacts derived from it."

The regional network includes founding members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and the Caribbean Community—CARICOM.

Read more about the goals and members in the new network's press release and inaugural statement.