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June 2014 Edition NSP News

"With members from eight countries in the troubled region, you have collaborated on capacity building and regional dialogue projects, and your work should be a source of great pride for you. For me, to be here with young people working hard to make a difference under very difficult circumstances is a source of inspiration, and it gives me great optimism for the future of arms control."
Des Browne
Speaking to The Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists network on May 8, 2014


Turning its attention to the Middle East, the Nuclear Security Project (NSP) announced the launch of the "Nuclear Forum—Views From the Middle East" by its Jordan-based partner, the Arab Institute for Security Studies (ACSIS). ACSIS has launched the Forum to: promote dialogue on nuclear security issues among policymakers, scholars, researchers and the public; expand the network of security experts in the region; and serve as a hub for resources on nuclear issues.
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