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November 2014 Edition NSP News

"The global networks are gathering at a time of great risk, as well as great opportunity, for reducing urgent nuclear dangers around the globe."
George P. Shultz, William J. Perry, Henry A. Kissinger, Sam Nunn


Following up on last year's meeting in Singapore, the four leadership networks associated with the Nuclear Security Project (NSP) are gathering in Buenos Aires on Nov. 20-21 to develop cooperative ways to address today's pressing nuclear security concerns, engage policy makers and raise public awareness about the risks posed by nuclear weapons and materials.

Other Updates


We Must be a Global Model for Collaboration on Nuclear Security

Joan Rohlfing, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)


European Leaders Call for Heads of State Meeting on Ebola Crisis

European Leadership Network (ELN)


Ebola Outbreak Demands Efficient Global Response

Irma Arguello, Latin American Leadership Network (LALN)


Japan Should be a Good Example of Nuclear Nonproliferation

Morton Halperin and Yoriko Kawaguchi, Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)


President Obama, Then and Now

Steve Andreasen, Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)


Is a New Cold War Inevitable? Central European Views on Rebuilding Trust in the Euro-Atlantic Region

Lukasz Kulesa, Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)


Dialogue on Euro-Atlantic Security

Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI)


A Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone and the Pursuit of Cooperative Security in the Arctic

Ernie Regehr, Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)


India's Nuclear Risks and Costs

Ramesh Thakur, Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)


India's Illusory Nuclear Gains

Ramesh Thakur, Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)


Challenges and Opportunities for Extending NPT-Related Commitments to the Non-NPT States

John Carlson, Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)