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Leadership Networks Meet to Address Nuclear Risks

Leadership Networks Meet to Address Nuclear Risks

Following up on last year's meeting in Singapore, the four leadership networks associated with the Nuclear Security Project (NSP) are gathering in Buenos Aires on Nov. 20-21 to develop cooperative ways to address today's pressing nuclear security concerns, engage policy makers and raise public awareness about the risks posed by nuclear weapons and materials.

The two-day 2014 Global Networks Forum brings together the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network, the European Leadership Network, the Latin American Leadership Network and the North American Nuclear Security Leadership Council. The NSP, coordinated by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) in partnership with the Hoover Institution, is sponsoring the forum.

Meeting at a time of strained relations between the United States and Russia, evolving terrorist threats and other security concerns, network members will discuss how to make progress on a host of disarmament, nonproliferation and nuclear security goals.

"Working cooperatively, the networks can bring needed urgency and focus to the steps needed to reduce nuclear security risks both in their regions and globally," said NTI President Joan Rohlfing, who is participating in the meeting.

The networks meeting follows a conference on global nuclear challenges hosted by Irma Arguello of the Latin American Leadership Network.