The publications included below—studies, speeches, op-eds and other analysis—advance the mission of the Nuclear Security Project. Many of the reports and studies have been produced by NSP project partners. In most cases, the work was funded by the Nuclear Threat Initiative as part of the NSP or by the Hoover Institution.

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Latin America Leadership Network Calls for CTBT Ratification

March 18, 2015



Buenos Aires -- The members of the NSP's Latin American Leadership Network released a statement calling for the United States, Egypt, Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, India, China and the DPRK (North Korea) to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. They write, "Although the countries that possess nuclear arsenals, with the exception of North Korea, have been observing unilateral, voluntary moratoria on nuclear weapon tests for several years now, the entry into force of the instrument is a longstanding goal of the international community and would constitute a major achievement in promoting nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament."  

India's Nuclear Risks and Costs

October 7, 2014

The Japan Times

Ramesh Thakur


Canberra -  In the second of a two-part commentary in The Japan Times on India's nuclear weaponization, the APLN's Ramesh Thakur highlights the shocking number of nuclear accidents and close calls both during and since the Cold War to make the point that the costly weapons systems often only increase a country's risks. 

India's Illusory Nuclear Gains

October 6, 2014

The Japan Times

Ramesh Thakur


Canberra -  In the first of a two-part commentary on India's nuclear weaponization, the APLN's Ramesh Thakur argues that India gained very little in terms of strategic, military or political utility after its five nuclear tests in 1998. In fact, India's higher international profile is "despite, not because of, nuclear weapons," he writes. 

European Leaders Call for Heads of State Meeting on Ebola Crisis

October 2, 2014



London - In a statement released by the ELN, more than 30 senior political, diplomatic and military figures from across Europe, including Russia, urged European and others heads of state to coordinate a full international response to the growing Ebola crisis in West Africa. 

Jakarta Declaration on Nuclear Weapons

September 4, 2014



Canberra -  In a new policy statement, the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network expressed strong commitment to disarmament through a step-by-step process toward the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. The Network called on policymakers to support changes to nuclear doctrine and posture, to attend the December conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons and to ensure that peaceful nuclear energy programs don't contribute to proliferation.