The publications included below—studies, speeches, op-eds and other analysis—advance the mission of the Nuclear Security Project. Many of the reports and studies have been produced by NSP project partners. In most cases, the work was funded by the Nuclear Threat Initiative as part of the NSP or by the Hoover Institution.

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How to deal with Russia without reigniting a full-fledged Cold War psychology

March 28, 2014

George P. Shultz and Sam Nunn


Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and former Senator Sam Nunn publish an op-ed on how to deal with Russia in the crisis over Ukraine. They highlight key areas of common interest where cooperation remains vital.

European Leaders Call for a New Approach to Security

December 17, 2013

The European Leadership Network


A new statement signed by 70 senior European politicians, military figures and diplomats calls for new, continuing and dynamic process for Euro-Atlantic security dialogue to address the persisting legacy of Cold War mistrust.

Time for Nuclear Disarmament

October 21, 2013



The members of the Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network for Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation released a statement urging leaders worldwide to take steps toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. LALN members also expressed their satisfaction with the actions taken by the international community concerning the elimination of chemical weapons in Syria.

Global Threat of Nuclear Deterrence

August 18, 2013


Ramesh Thakur


A new op-ed by APLN member Ramesh Thakur warns against complancency toward a nuclear attack and highlights the risks of relying on nuclear deterrence in The Japan Times

A US-Russia freeze isn't in the interests of Putin - or the West

August 13, 2013

The European Leadership Network

Ian Kearns


European Leadership Network Director Ian Kearns argues in The Independent that despite recent tensions over Edward Snowden, missile defense, Syria and other issues, the U.S, and Russia must remain partners on some level.