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Nuclear Progress, but Dangers Ahead

April 14, 2010

The Guardian

Forty senior European leaders


Senior European statesmen and women call for renewed urgency in tackling problems of nuclear proliferation.  Read the op-ed.

Nuclear Review Shows Bipartisanship

April 14, 2010


William J. Perry and James R. Schlesinger


William J. Perry and James R. Schlesinger the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Congressional Commission of the Strategic Posture of the United States write that the just completed U.S. Nuclear Posture Review, “…offers a bipartisan path forward - while allowing for healthy disagreements on specific issues.”  Read the op-ed.

From Reagan to Obama: there is plenty to do if we are to maintain our safety and security

April 13, 2010

The Wall Street Journal

George P. Shultz


George P. Shultz discusses the Nuclear Posture Review and the New START Treaty and their importance.  Read the op-ed.

Swedish Declaration on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

April 10, 2010

Stokholm International Peace Research Institute

Former Prime Minister of SwedenIngvar Carlsson , former Foreign Minister of Sweden, Karin Söder, former Foreign Minister of Sweden Hans Blix, SIPRI Chairman and Chairman of the Swedish Pugwash network Rolf Ekéus


Former Swedish officials endorse the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and support concrete and practical steps towards achieving that aim. Read the Declaration.

How to Build on the Start Treaty

April 10, 2010

The New York Times

William J. Perry and George P. Shultz


William Perry and George Shultz in this op-ed call for “comprehensive discussions” with the Russians “…as we work our way toward ever more significant nuclear disarmament.”  Read the op-ed.