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Debate on Nuclear Deterrence

January 31, 2011

Lowy Institute


NSP partner the Lowy Institute in Australia has launched an online global debate on extended nuclear deterrence. For decades, the US has made the seemingly credible threat that it would use nuclear weapons to protect its allies against large-scale aggression — the so-called "nuclear umbrella." But how viable is such a strategy in a changing nuclear order and an altered strategic environment? And are there feasible alternatives?
Read the Debate

NATO, Nuclear Security and the Terrorist Threat

November 10, 2010

International Herald Tribune

Sam Nunn


Former Senator Nunn in this op-ed written days before the NATO Lisbon meeting, calls for a security imperative to…”drive NATO and Russia to move without delay to adopt a series of steps that will improve the security of tactical nuclear weapons now, and pave the way for further consolidation, reduction and elimination of these weapons throughout the Euro-Atlantic zone.” Read the op-ed.

Learning From Experience on Arms Control: Russia and the United States have made steady progress on verification since the 1980s

September 7, 2010

The Wall Street Journal

George P. Shultz


Former Secretary of State George Shultz writes in support of the New START treaty based on his experience with previous treaty negotiations.  Read the op-ed.

George Shultz and Sam Nunn Express Strong Support for New START Treaty

July 14, 2010


George Shultz and Sam Nunn


Former Secretary of State George Shultz and former Senator Sam Nunn have sent letters to Chairman John Kerry and Ranking Member Richard Lugar of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee expressing their strong support for the New START Treaty.  Read the letter to Senator Kerry.  Read the letter to Senator Lugar.

A road map for a nuclear free world

June 23, 2010

JoongAng Daily

South Korean Prime Minister and former Minister for Unification Lee Hong-koo, former South Korean Foreign Minister and former Ambassador to U.S. Han Sung-joo, former Speaker of the South Korean Parliament Park Kwan-yong and former South Korean Army C


Former South Korean officials fully endorsed the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons as proposed by the four U.S. statesmen.  Read the op-ed.